Volcano is a Los Angeles based creative firm specializing in the development,
manufacturing, marketing and licensing of Entertainment & Merchandise properties.

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For more information contact: hello@volcano-us.com

IMPORTANT WARRANTY MESSAGE to our valued customers:
This warning is an effort to protect our customers from the danger of unauthorized sellers. Products sold by unauthorized sellers are often purchased on a secondary "gray" market, or they can be pirated goods not produced by Volcano LLC, damaged goods, defective or so-called "B" stock goods, stolen goods, goods with old and/or defective batteries, close-out or dumped goods, and goods of construction and materials below the high SGS International testing standards of our company. Volcano LLC is firmly committed to providing our customers with quality, safety-tested, reliable products, coupled with superior customer service. To that end, Volcano LLC provides a 60-Day Warranty on products sold only by Volcano LLC, plus Original Parts replacements and "Starshine Family" Customer Service with Inventor phone consultation per appointment. Warranty void if resold. If you have any questions or would like to report an unauthorized seller, please write to us at the email address above

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